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UK Passport Download offers a reliable and independent passport checking and processing service. Our service is used and trusted by hundreds of UK passport applicants around the world every week. We provide a simplified printable application form without the government jargon, saving you time and hassle. UK Passport Download  is a private company and we are not affiliated with any UK government body or official agency. We cannot affect the outcome of your passport application. UK Passport Download provide a form checking and processing service, however the application forms on this site can be filled out online with the government.

UK Passport Download Service

UK Passport Download offers a comprehensive application filing service for UK passport renewals, first time British passports and for those who have a lost,stolen or damaged passport or need to add additional information. The UK Passport Download service is for people who do not have the time or skills to browse the web and find the correct passport application forms, fill them out correctly, pay the fees and send the completed applications to the relevant Passport Office.  The PayPal fee of £45.99 is for checking, reviewing and filing your British passport application and not for the price of the actual passport. If you wish to apply yourself, please visit the official government website.

You can apply for a British passport from overseas if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Applicants of all ages who are British citizens by birth in the United Kingdom and who want to renew their United Kingdom passport or apply for their first passport;


  • Applicants who were born outside the United Kingdom to a British parent and who qualify for British Citizenship and are, therefore, entitled to a UK passport;


  • Applicants who are British Nationals Overseas with close connection to Hong Kong;


  • Applicants who had their British passport lost or stolen;


  • Applicants who already hold a UK passport and need to have their name or photograph changed.



Emergency Travel

You cannot use this website if you urgently need to travel because of compassionate grounds or an emergency. In this event the passport authorities can issue an emergency travel document for you. This document allows you to leave the country you are in and travel to your destination via a maximum of 5 countries. It can also cover a return travel, if you are resident in the country you’re applying from. To apply for an emergency travel document, you need to apply in person by contacting the nearest British embassy, high commission or consulate in your country of residence.


Questions about UK passports? Please visit UK Passport FAQs


Terms and Conditions

Please refer to our terms and conditions before purchasing UK Passport Download services. By clicking the download link and paying the PayPal fees, you are agreeing to purchase a application form service from UK Passport Download. UK Passport Download is not a UK government agency or related to any UK government agency. UK Passport Download is not involved in the processing of your UK passport. The PayPal fee you are agreeing to is the fee for UK Passport Download’s services as a private company. There may be additional government fees to pay for the services you are downloading – these fees are explained on this webpage and within the application form when you click the ‘Download Application’ button. We issue refunds under specific conditions. Check the Terms and Conditions page for more details. Please email us at info@downloadpassports.com with your refund request. The maximum liability for any circumstance will not exceed the purchase price.