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UK Passport Application

UK Passport Download provide the following services to ensure your UK Passport application experience is fast and hassle free:

7 simple steps to secure your UK Passport;
Error checking service to avoid unnecessary delays;
Printable application form – avoid online crashes;
All questions answered within 24 hours;
Automatic Renewal Notifications;
Straightforward application form with no government jargon;
Large print form for the visually impaired;
Convenient – we deal with government fees and requirements on your behalf;
Dedicated application support – missing documentation notifications;
Application status updates on request;
Your login details securely stored for future referrals;

Disclaimer: UK Passport Download is a private company that helps all candidates in the process of obtaining or renewing a UK Passport. We offer paid assistance with services offered by the government – you decide whether to use us or go to the government directly. You can find all government services at a lower cost on the official website. Our expertise is to explain the government jargon and simplify the application process. Please refer to our terms and conditions and Privacy Policy before purchasing UK Passport Download services. By clicking the link below, you are agreeing to our terms of service and fees. UK Passport Downloadis not affiliated with any government entity. Click here to see our Pricing and Government Required Fees.

Please refer to the Privacy Policy page.
The UK Passport Download service fee is £45.99.


UK passportUK Passport Download offers a reliable and independent passport checking and processing service. Our service is used and trusted by hundreds of UK passport applicants around the world every week. We provide a simplified printable application form without the government jargon, saving you time and hassle. UK Passport Download  is a private company and we are not affiliated with any UK government body or official agency. We cannot affect the outcome of your passport application. UK Passport Download provide a form checking and processing service, however the application forms on this site can be filled out online with the government.


Filling out the UK Passport Application Form

STEP 1: Download the UK passport pack by clicking on the “Download Application” button on top of this page.

STEP 2: Pay the UK Passport Download service fee for checking and submitting your passport details through PayPal. The service fee is £45.99.

STEP 3: You will be given a link to download the application. If you cannot download the application, please email: info@downloadpassports.com. We will respond within 2 business days.

STEP 4: Print off the application form or save it to your Desktop and fill out the relevant sections on the application form in BLOCK CAPITALS.

STEP 5: Email your completed application to UK Passport Download at info@downloadpassports.com or fax to 1-877-770-7096. You can send a copy of your old passport if you are making a passport renewal or a birth certificate if you are applying for a first time passport.

STEP 6: We check and review your application and submit your data and the passport fees to the British Government Passport Agency We send you a Passport Declaration form to sign and a list of the supporting documents and photographs, which you need to send to the British Government Passport Agency. You sign and submit this information to the address listed on the Passport Declaration form.

STEP 7:  Your passport will be delivered to you within 4 to 8 weeks. We will provide you with information on how you can track the status of your application.


UK Passport Application Fees from Overseas

Passport Type:

Renewal / First Time/ Lost, Damaged or Stolen

Passport Fee

Adult standard 32-page passport


Adult jumbo 48-page passport


Child passport (under 16)


UK Download Passport Service Fee


Fees will be deducted from the Credit Card or Debit Card listed on your application. The UK Passport Download service fee for checking and filing your passport must be paid via PayPal. Fees will be deducted in UK currency.

A courier fee of around £20.00 will be added to the passport fee; the fee varies according to the country you live in. The courier fee pays for your passport and supporting documents to be sent back to you securely.


UK Passport Download Service

UK Passport Download offers a comprehensive passport form filing service for UK passport renewals, first time British passports and for those who have a lost,stolen or damaged passport or need to add additional information. The UK Passport Download service is for people who do not have the time or skills to browse the web and find the correct passport application forms, fill them out correctly, pay the fees and send the completed applications to the relevant Passport Office.  The PayPal fee of £45.99 is for checking, reviewing and filing your British passport application and not for the price of the actual passport. If you wish to apply yourself, please visit the official government website.

Every month around a third of all British passport applications sent to the British Passport Office directly are held up due to basic errors.

The PayPal service fee of £45.99 is for checks, reviews and processing your application with the UK government. It also includes the following: We provide a simplified, printable application form

    • We make sure that your application is thoroughly reviewed prior to submission to make sure it is complete and accurate according to the UK government’s criteria;
    • We submit your application to the UK Passport agency for you;
    • We advise you and of any additional documentation you must provide program (birth certificates, passports or citizenship card etc.);
    • We advise you of any additional steps you need to take;
    • We can answer your questions about what to expect if you are called for a passport interview;
    • We keep track your log-in information for future referrals;
    • We deal with the government on your behalf as much as possible;
    • We troubleshoot all questions;
    • We are only an e-mail away to answer any question. Most questions are answered within one business day.

You can renew your passport up to 9 months in advance of your current UK passport expiring; the time remaining will be added to your next passport. You’ll need to allow 4 – 6 weeks for your passport application to be processed and you are advised not to book your travel until you’ve received your new passport.

If you’re applying for your first adult passport, you need to leave at least six weeks, as you may be asked to attend an interview.

If you wish to apply yourself, please visit the official government website


Terms and Conditions

Please refer to our terms and conditions before purchasing UK Passport Download services. By clicking the download link and paying the PayPal fees, you are agreeing to purchase a application form service from UK Passport Download. UK Passport Download is not a UK government agency or related to any UK government agency. UK Passport Download is not involved in the processing of your UK passport. The PayPal fee you are agreeing to is the fee for UK Passport Download’s services as a private company. There may be additional government fees to pay for the services you are downloading – these fees are explained on this webpage and within the application form when you click the ‘Download Application’ button. We issue refunds under specific conditions. Check the Terms and Conditions page for more details. Please email us at info@downloadpassports.com with your refund request. The maximum liability for any circumstance will not exceed the purchase price.